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1-day Data Centre Pricing Seminar in London – combining up to date market analysis with guest speakers across the Data Centre industry

Published Mon 9 September 2019 (DCP) and Whetherby Research are pleased to announce the first Data Centre Pricing Seminar, a one day event to be held in central London on the 31st October 2019. To be held... latest research on the UK Data Centre market forecasts 107,000 m2 raised floor space with 192 MW by the end of 2020 excluding new projects

Published Sat 10 August 2019
The UK DC market remains the largest market in Europe with 880,000 m2 of potential data centre raised floor and 1,213 MW of potential power at the end of June 2019 and continues to growth at a...'s latest research reveals significant growth in 12 of the 15 surveyed European markets with UK remaining the largest market in Europe

Published Sat 10 August 2019
The latest Europe Data Centre Trends Tracker survey shows the continued dominance of the UK and German Data Centre Markets in Europe with city areas such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Madrid seeing...

Data Centre Pricing in the UK remains higher than in other large EU markets

Published Mon 14 January 2019
The January 2019 editions of the Euro-Data Centre and the UK-Data Centre Trends Trackers published by highlights that UK average pricing remains more expensive than the other...

New DCP Asia Pacific Data Centre Price Tracker highlights the continued growth of Singapore & Hong Kong as Asian hubs

Published Thu 10 January 2019
DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP) has launched the first edition of the DCP Asia Pacific Data Centre Price Tracker – analysis of seven Asia Pacific Country Markets - which provides a unique survey...

DataCentrePricing.Com new Data Centre City Clusters in Europe analyses the fastest growth Hot Spots in the leading 3rd party Data Centre hubs across Europe

Published Thu 15 November 2018
DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP) announces the launch of a new report called the Data Centre Clusters in Europe 2018 – The Key Hot Spots, surveying the 20 largest 3rd party Data Centre city hubs...

DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP) adds the USA Data Centre Pricing Tracker to its portfolio – covering the Top Ten US geographical markets - with the Atlanta & Texan markets growing the fastest.

Published Tue 23 October 2018
DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP) today launches the first edition of the USA Data Centre Price Tracker which analyses the  ten (10 key) geographical third party Data Centre markets in the USA -...

UK Data Centre third party market is the largest in Europe, latest research finds, expansion driven by growth in Slough DC cluster

Published Wed 17 October 2018
DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP), specialists in Data Centre trends and pricing, latest edition of the Data Centre Trends Tracker finds that the UK is the largest third party Data Centre market in Europe... finds new data centre growth in key city areas Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Slough

Published Thu 20 September 2018
DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP), specialists in Data Centre trends and pricing, finds that third party Data Centre space and power is growing in selected markets in Europe - with new Data Centre growth... launches Data Centre Europe 2018 - with new & complete Data Centre profiles across 15 European Countries

Published Thu 10 May 2018
DataCentrePricing.Com, a specialist in Data Centre Pricing and analysis worldwide, has launched a new report service called DCE-15 (Data Centre Europe 2018), with up to date reports on each key third...

Frankfurt is set to become the largest third party Data Centre cluster in Europe, new research from DataCentrePricing.Com reveals.

Published Thu 4 January 2018
Research published by DataCentrePricing.Com  shows that although long-established as the largest Data Centre market in Europe, the London & the Inner M25 cluster region is set to be...

DatacentrePricing.Com launches the new Euro Data Centre Trends subscription service - a unique up-to-date survey of Data Centres across 15 Country Markets in Europe.

Published Mon 25 September 2017
DataCentrePricing.Com has launched the new Euro-Data Centre Trends subscription service, providing a complete up-to-date analysis of the key trends impacting the European Data Centre across 15 of...

Data Centre growth in the Gulf States levels of as providers raise utilisation levels on existing Data Centre assets

Published Sun 10 September 2017
September 3rd 2017 – DataCentrePricing.Com’s latest Middle East Data Centre 2017 to 2020 report finds that Data Centre Providers in the six Gulf States (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,...

New Data Centre Landscape Service reveals that the UK is the largest 3rd Party Data Centre Country Market with over 738,000 m2 of Data Centre raised floor space

Published Tue 25 April 2017
  DataCentrePricing.Com has launched a new subscription service called 'Data Centre Landscape'. This new service provides a complete analysis of the four largest Data Centre Country...

Third party UK Data Centre expansion has levelled off since the 2nd half of 2016, with new growth coming mostly from outside the London/M25 area finds

Published Thu 26 January 2017
The new third edition of DataCentrePricing.Com’s UK Data Centre Trends service finds that UK Data Centre expansion for the six month period from the end of June 2016 to the end of...
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