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TCL introduces a free Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition to mark the 25th edition of the colocation price subscription service after 7 years of service

Published: Mon 16 June 2014

To celebrate the 25th edition of the Data Centre Price Tracker subscription service, TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) has created a PowerPoint-only version called the Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition, which highlights the main trends in Data Centre pricing in Europe.


The TCL service is the first of its kind in Europe and provides the most comprehensive analysis of Data Centre pricing available using the unique TCL pricing database, which is updated on a quarterly basis using information received directly from the Data Centre Providers.


Since April 2007 the TCL Data Centre Price Tracker subscription service has been produced every 3 months – 4 times a year – and by April 2014 produces average Data Centre standard rack space pricing based on 122 Data Centre Providers with more than 190 Data Centre facilities and over 300 price points highlighted (with no power and with different bundles of power) across 14 European countries.


The TCL Data Centre Price Tracker provides average pricing on rack space pricing for 14 European countries, including – Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.


Each quarterly edition of the service provides average overall Data Centre pricing, Carrier Based Data Centre average pricing & Carrier Neutral Data Centre pricing. It also provides average Pan European Data Centre pricing for selected providers in the four country markets of France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.


TCL continues to innovate with the service and has introduced a comparison of colocation and Premium Data Centre pricing by country in response to popular demand. It also provides a selection of bundled power pricing from 1kW up to 6kW per rack. And since October 2012 TCL has added a PowerPoint supplement of the main Data Centre price changes from Quarter to Quarter. The service also includes a quarterly update of key new Data Centre capacity entering the market.


The TCL Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition provides a summary of the key Data Centre pricing and capacity trends over the 7 year period since launch – April 2007 until April 2014. It includes an overview of Carrier Neutral, Carrier Based & Pan European Data Centre pricing, with the main highlights for each country of the 14 Country Markets.


The TCL Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition PowerPoint Summary is offered free as a promotion for a limited time period to all subscribers who request the service to TCL by e-mail (to with full customer details to be received from June 2014 to the end of July 2014. TCL will then send the Special Edition Summary as a PDF by e-mail.



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About the TCL Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition – The service is a free once-off summary of Data Centre colocation trends based on the Data Centre Price Tracker subscription service. It provides a PowerPoint summary of key Data Centre price trends for each country - and also the increase in Data Centre floor space by country – along with a summary of average price trends per quarter since April 2007. To receive the free TCL Data Centre Price Tracker Special Edition, the user has to send an e-mail request to TCL at by the end of July 2014.


About Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) – TCL is a London-based international telecoms tariff research and consultancy organization. TCL provides telecoms tariff research with a series of Tariff Tracker subscription services covering mobile, broadband and Data Centre services. It also publishes a series of one-off reports related to pricing, the most recent being “Pricing the Cloud”, a survey of cloud computing pricing. Further information on TCL’s services is available at: and at the dedicated Data Centre Pricing website at:

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