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TCL Launches new Website

Published: Wed 16 January 2013

London– 16th January 2013 – Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) today has launched a new website which provides a one stop shop for Data Centre Pricing Research. The website can be accessed at:


TCL’s Data Centre practice has been active since 2007 and is headed up by Research Director and Data Centre Pricing Expert Keith Breed. Our research has looked at 422 Data Centre Providers, 821 Data Facilities across 44 countries in the regions Europe, Asia, Africa and theMiddle East. We specialise in providing information on Data Centre Pricing, Capacity and Revenue in Europe and worldwide with reports published in 2012 on the African and Middle Eastern markets as well as the established and emerging Data Centre Country markets acrossEurope.


Our 2013 predictions for the Data Centre markets are:


  • Significant growth in UK Data Centre capacity outsideLondon– with new campus based facilities being planned with multiple Data Centre halls leading to lower cost space in new areas


  • Germany & Italy remain among the lowest cost Data Centre country markets in Europe, with low cost discounted pricing in Germany and hosting providers inItaly continuing to offer low cost rack space


  • New premium Carrier Neutral Data Centre space is being built out in developing markets, particularly in Russia which is seeing a range of high density rack space capacity being developed around the Moscow area


  • The creation of new high density space in the UAE and Qatar in the Middle East, as part of a strategic state backed plan to attract new overseas investment as part of a new digital city development


  • The expansion of new Premium Data Centre capacity in France & the Netherlands– where Premium Data Centre capacity capable of supporting 20 kW per rack as standard – is now the biggest Data Centre segment in those countries


  • Carrier Based Data Centres are being built out in selected countries including France & the Netherlands, as the incumbent telecoms operator seeks to upgrade its facilities to cater for cloud computing & hosting services.



The new website will act as a repository for key Data Centre news and pricing information with TCL providing insights into the main Data Centre pricing trends across Europe and will include summary presentation information on the main reports published.


TCL has extensive experience of providing bespoke European Data Centre and collocation research for individual clients, which include Data Centre operators, integrators and enterprises. TCL is able to offer consultancy and tailor-made research on a wide range of Data Centre issues.  




Notes to Editors:

About TCL – TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd) is a London-based international research and consultancy company founded in 2006. The company provides research on the full spectrum of telecoms (fixed line & mobile) services together with Data Centre pricing. Further information on TCL can be found at the TCL website which is:    


Further information on the TCL Data Centre pricing practice can be found on the website at –


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