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USA Data Centre Pricing Tracker - 2019

USA Data Centre Pricing Tracker - 2019

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Published: Twice a year: 

Output: PDF


About the USA Data Centre Pricing Tracker

Tariff Consultancy Ltd's has released the first edition of its USA Data Centre PricingTrends services published twice a year published in pdf format comes with charts and tables of the average and overall trends across the ten geographical US markets. 


Geographical coverage
Dallas Fort Worth
Los Angeles
New Jersey
New York City
North Virginia


The publication also identifies the key aggregated pricing – by standard rack space (without power) and by m2. Finally, TCL summarises the overall Data Centre trends taking place in ten markets surveyed.



The USA Data Center Price Tracker uses the unique database constructed by DataCentrePricing.Com (DCP) and consists of an updated survey of each of the key Data Center Providers in the 10 area markets (including pricing, space, power, key clusters and new developments) – and follows the same proven methodology used in the UK and European editions of the Data Centre Price Tracker.


The report covers the following areas:

Section One: - USA Data Centre Pricing – Average standard retail rack space rental pricing, m2 rental pricing, electricity rates (by 10 selected US area markets) with rack space pricing examples in USD per month by each of the ten area markets.

Section Two - USA Data Centre Market size – Measured by Data Centre raised floor space (in m2) and by Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP - in MW) and indicates growth in new space & power by each of the ten area markets. 

Section Three - USA Data Centre Geographical clusters – The key geographical Data Centre City Clusters in the main USA area markets (including Dallas, Chicago, New York, Ashburn, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey, Boston, Houston & North Virginia). The growth & relative importance of the key Data Centre clusters within each area market.

Section Four - New USA Data Centre developments – The key new Data Centre facilities and developments and new Data Centre development plans for each of the ten USA area markets.

Deliverables: Pdf file (51 pages)  and PowerPoint file highlighting the key trends.



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