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French Data Centres are set to continue to see more capacity growth coupled with price stability over the next 5 year period to 2019, a new report from TCL finds.

Published: Tue 11 February 2014

A new report published by TCL called Data Centre Pricing France 2014 to 2019, finds that French Data Centre capacity is growing throughout France in all segments, continuing a trend for the construction of new high specification Data Centre facilities.


According to the TCL survey, for the four year period since 2010, new French Data Centre raised floor space has increased by over 130,000 square metres. For the next 5 year period TCL forecasts that new space will continue to grow from a total of over 360,000 up to over 464,000 square metres – with over 20,000 square metres of new space to be added every year.


Average French Data Centre rack space is also forecast to grow from the present rate of Euro 821 per month to Euro 853 per month by the end of 2019. Prices will continue to be stable despite the introduction of new Data Centre space across France.


The French Data Centre market has a number of pricing tiers, with regional Data Centre facilities having rack space rates as low as Euro 500 per month, and colocation facilities (typically owned by Carrier Based Data Centres) also having particularly low pricing outside the Paris area.


The medium priced tier – with rack space pricing from Euro 750 up to Euro 850 per month – is composed of a mixture of regional Data Centre providers and Carrier Neutral Data Centres in the Paris area with standard facilities offering low bundles of power.


The higher Data Centre priced tier – with rack space from Euro 850 per month and above – is composed mainly of a number of Premium Data Centre facilities, typically based in the Paris area, which are able to support power bundles of 20 kW per rack as standard, but have price points as high as Euro 2,000 per month – often with power costs and IP connectivity included in the price.


TCL finds that Data Centres in the Paris area charge a premium price compared with their French regional counterparts, with space costing an average of 20 per cent more than outside the capital. Data Centres in the Paris area are typically larger, and have a wider range of connectivity options.  These established Data Centres are at the heart of a digital ecosystem with content, hosting & network providers attracting a variety of customers.


The Paris Data Centre market continues to see investment in new facilities by a number of Data Centre providers including Equinix, Interxion, Iliad Group, Telehouse Europe & Global Switch.


But Data Centre pricing in France is becoming more complex over time. There are a large number of relatively small regional Data Centre facilities based outside the Paris area, in cities such as Lille, Marseilles, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Lyon & Toulouse – with relatively low pricing, which is lowering the overall market average.


And frequently new Data Centre facilities that are being developed in France are offering discounted pricing to attract new customers, with promotions particularly common during the first year of operation for a new facility.


But French Premium Data Centre providers offer a higher price point, which is keeping overall pricing stable.  And by bundling in power with rack space, IP connectivity and in some cases remote hands services as part of the rental fee the Premium Data Centre provider is both differentiating the service and maintaining a high price point which is raising the market average.



About the TCL Data Centre Pricing France 2014 to 2019 report – The TCL Data Centre Pricing France 2014 to 2019 report provides a unique survey of 60 French Data Centre provider capacity and pricing including 154 facilities across the country. The report analyses the French Data Centre market by segment, including the Carrier Based, Carrier Neutral & Premium Data Centre segments. It also provides a 5 year forecast – from the end of 2014 to the end of 2019 - for a number of key French Data Centre metrics including capacity, rack space pricing, square metre pricing and pricing per kW. The TCL Data Centre Pricing France 2014 to 2019 report costs £1,595 GBP for a single user licence. More information about the report can be found on the TCL website at:       




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